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Photos of models: screenshots of computer designs and simulators, or solid models made of balsa, wood, matches... even LEGO bricks.

Paintings (Ζωγραφική)
Misc. Photos
Warships (Πολεμικά)
Subgalleries: Various (9)
Yachts (Θαλαμηγοί)
Subgalleries: AEGEOTISSA (7), Misc (9)
Yards (Ναυπηγεία)
Subgalleries: Various (6), Syros (15)
Various Ships

Hydrofoils, tugboats, etc.

Ports (Λιμάνια)

Ports in mainland Greece and Greek Islands, but also all over the world

Merchant Marine (Ποντοπόρος ναυτιλία)

Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Containerships...

Ro-Ro and Car Carriers (Οχηματαγωγά και "Αυτοκινητάδικα")
Ferries (ΕΓ/ΟΓ)

Greek Ferries: built in Greece or in Japan, England, France, Germany, Netherlands etc., but navigating in Greece

Catamarans (Καταμαράν)

Every kind of catamaran, from small ones to ferries (απλά και Ο/Γ καταμαράν)